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Kappabashi Plastic Food prices? 2009/2/17 00:21
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi there,

Just wondering about the general price of plastic food found at Kappabashi Dori? Or is there any where else in Tokyo where they are cheaper?

I am interested in buying a few "makimono" as souvenirs... are there any priced at 200-300 yen? So far, the websites state that the cheapeast, smallest (usually sushi) food models cost 500 yen! More expensive than the real thing in Kaiten Sushi shops! o.O
by rayeraye  

500 JPY+ 2009/2/17 11:48
Yes, they are expensive; they are not designed as souvenirs, but are aimed at the professional catering trade. 500-1000 JPY for the smaller pieces sounds about right. As I remember it, a mug of beer was around 6000 JPY and full meals were even more.
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too expensive 2009/2/18 07:41
you can buy miniature-sized models on keychains or magnets which are produced as souveniers for your target price. But unfortunately the real models are meant for businesses and their price reflects that. You likely won't find anything the like of what you'd see in a restaurant window for under 3000, even with the best bargaining skills.
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Where to find the souvenirs, then? :) 2009/2/18 09:40
Thanks for your answers!

May I please know where you can find the plastic foods (be it magnets or keychains) intended as souvenirs? Would there be any around the Asakusa area?

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100 yen shops 2009/2/18 10:30
i have seen the small food magnets in 100 yen shops. you will find 100 yen shops every where. from memory, they are very small but quite good quality. sometimes they are 2 or 3 for 100 yen
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Nakamise street 2009/2/18 10:37
There are lots of these type of souvenirs (keyrings, mobile 'phone charms, fridge magnets etc.) in various shops along Nakamise street in Asakusa. Hope that helps.
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many thanks! 2009/2/18 10:58
Thank you, that helps a lot!
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