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Can you elope in Japan? 2009/2/17 14:14
Hi, I wanted to know if you could have a legal but quick wedding in Japan, without dressing up. You know, sort of like that Las Vegas sort of thing? I'm just curious. Thanks.
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... 2009/2/17 14:26
Yes and no, getting married is a simple process that involves signing a few forms in front of witnesses at city hall, however, as foreigners you would need to first obtain certificates of no impediment from your embassy, translated birth certificates, and you need to be registered aliens in the city that you wish to marry in. It can be a simple or very trying process to complete all the necessary paperwork depending on the particular city hall you marry at. After that you need to get the marriage forms to bring back home with you to register your marriage in your home country.

Really its a lot of going from place to place, filling out forms, and waiting, where in the end you still have to register at home. It'd probably be far easier to just do it in your home country, especially if you don't speak/read Japanese.
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... 2009/2/17 14:28
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So...if your native to Japan? 2009/2/17 14:31
So if your native to Japan then all you would have to do is sign some papers in front of witnesses and its legal. To tell you the truth, I'm a writer for fiction works and in one scene, I want my characters to be in a forced marriage. It's all about of my plot. I just wanted to know if it could actually be done and yet be legal.
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... 2009/2/17 14:40
I suppose so. Just like in other countries, legal marriage is simply a contract you both sign.

Actually Japanese people don't sign, they stamp with their personal seal, so I suppose you could theoretically be married, without your knowledge even, if someone had access to your id and personal seal.
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