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Customs and Tariffs 2009/2/19 00:00

I just bought an iPod Touch on ebay. Since the seller won't send it outside of America, I am going to have it sent to my parents' home. I was wondering... What's the best idea to have it shipped to Japan? I would like to avoid customs as much as possible, but if it's impossible, then I'll have to pay them...
by Nadav (guest)  

No worries 2009/2/19 11:13
I doubt you'll get stung for that. If you send it regular (Registered/Sign For) type air mail Customs won't even look at it. Courier firms like DHL are the worst - they sting you every time.

I've received goods via air mail more expensive than that at around $1,000 and didn't pay a thing.

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Thanks :D 2009/2/19 11:22
I appreciate your reply :) I'll ask my mom to send it via registered mail then ^^
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