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used kimono remnants 2009/2/19 19:00
Osaka City
We have been asked to bring home some remnants of used kimono fabric (silk): Osaka is probably the place we will have the most time to look for this..any suggestions as to places in Osaka where we could buy this?? We may have time in Tokyo..I've read there are places near Asakusa Kannon?? or maybe somewhere in Kyoto near the station??? Any ideas would be very helpful..many thanks
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...... 2009/2/20 02:00
I saw some at several markets outside temples in Kyoto. I never saw any in Osaka.
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thanks! 2009/2/20 05:57
Which Kyoto temples would have markets, preferably on the 2nd Sunday in April..we didn;t see any last time, but weren't there on a Sunday..and would the market at Togo shrine at Harajuku be a good idea as we can get there on the 1st Sunday in April?
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. 2009/2/20 07:06
I don't suppose you are going to Nagasaki? I know of several places there.
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sorry 2009/2/20 11:37
No RobBeer, sorry, not going to Nagasaki, but thanks for the offer of info..much appreciatedi

Have found the Chion-ji market on 15th of month in Kyoto, so may try that...and there is one at Shinagawa intercity apparently on 1st Sunday of month so will have a look there as well

Any other ideas from anyone gratefully accepted!!!
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