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How would I say Fifth Month Anniversary? 2009/2/22 06:27
okay, so I am writing a letter to my husband and on the 24th of this month, it will be our fifth month anniversary. yes, we celebrate it every month lol. So how do I say that in japanese? =] thanks. err, and i need it in romanji please
by Amalla  

... 2009/2/22 10:47
"Regular" annual anniversary of marriage is:
- Kekkon kinenbi. (Marriage commemorative day, to be literal, so "anniversary").

So if you want to say 5-months anniversary, that would be:
- Kekkon 5-kagetsu kinenbi. (Marriage 5-month commemorative day).
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5-kagetsu-kinen 2009/2/22 14:50
5 Kagetusu ; 5 month
Kinen ; anniversary; memorial
Kinenbi ; memorial day; anniversary day

you can say

@kyou wa Kekkon 5 kagetsu Kinenbi desu. (today is our Fifth Month Wedding Anniversary)

AKekkon 5 kagetsu o Oiwai Shimasyou! ( Let's celebrate our Fifth Month Wedding Anniversary! )

Hope you have a great day!

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