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Car cigarette lighter 2009/2/24 06:24
I was wondering weather Japanese rental cars have a 12v socket in them?
In India for example, right handled Japanese cars have no such option.
I need it in order to charge my Photo equipment while on the go.

Thank you all very much,

Thank you for the quick reply for my previous question.
by Igal Sverdlov (guest)  

... 2009/2/24 08:46
Yes, all Japanese cars are equipped with 12v cigarette lighter sockets.
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12v sockets 2009/2/25 14:34
I would have said so...the Japanese are I think, fairly heavy and unreconstructed smokers.

as for 12v, 12v electrics are virtually universal in modern cars...many after market accessories and appliances from vacuum cleaners to coffee makers to tyre inflaters are marketed to plug into those car "cigar" lighter sockets.
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