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How to use KDDI phonecard 2009/2/24 13:04
I just bought a KDDI SUPER World card and I have tried many times call from Green phonebooths with no luck.

I have followed the instructions written at the back side of the card.


Thats what I did, but didnt manage to reach destination.

Am i doing something wrong.. i dont have japanese operator with me.

What to do?
by Tsuiya  

Area code? 2009/2/24 14:26

Did you remember to leave off the "0" on the area code?
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. 2009/2/25 00:19
Make sure the green phones can make international calls, try the grey ones instead.

Also as mentioned when dialing the country code, leave out the 0
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wait for prompts 2009/2/25 18:18
You have to wait for the prompt after dialing 0055.

With the green phones, you'll need to insert a 10yen / 100yen coin or Telephone Card with at least 1 unit credit to get a dial tone to dial 0055 (which is a free call).

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. 2009/2/25 21:47
One thing I do find confusing with that card is when you enter 0055 it then asks you to enter a credit card number then press start. At that point you just enter all the information. But I can imagine how many people that confused (including myself) before.

Also I don't think you need to enter the "#" pound button, though I'm sure sometimes people enter it because it appears on the card as well.
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