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Original Fake 2009/2/27 05:37
Tokyo 23-ku
Can someone show me where is the store named Original Fake and how to get there from Shinjuku station.
I need to buy some stuff from this store for my son.
Thanks in advance.
by Linda (guest)  

Original fake 2009/2/27 10:54
there is a map on the website. www.orginalfake.com It's a short walk from Harajuku station. I will warn you though, most of the items they sell are extremely limited. I have been to the store once and there was literally nothing for sale there except for socks. No toys, shirts, jackets, jeans, stickers.... Nothing. Just things on display. Toys, hoodies, jackets are the hardest to get. On new product launch days people have to line up in the morning, get a ticket and come back at a specific time to buy it (1 per customer of course). Give it a try, but don't get your hopes up!
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directions 2009/2/27 20:26
From JR Shinjuku Station, go to Harajuku Station via Yamanote Line, from there you can make the walk down to the Omotesando area (maybe 1.4 /1.5 km walking).
Alternately, a faster way is using Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station /Marunouchi Subway Line to Akasaka Mitsuke Station, change to the Ginza Line to Omotesando Station.
Take Exit A5 at Omotesando and follow the map here:


Sorry you need to copy and paste the link ''I don't have enough posts yet to add URLs to third party websites'' even though its obviously a very useful site in answering this question.

The address in Japanese is:
I suggest you print it in case you get lost and need to ask for directions.
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Original Fake 2009/3/26 03:26
I heard that Original Fake store is underground, is it in OmoOmotesando Hills.
Is it easy to find that store?
do you have any map in English, the one you gave is in Japan language.
Thanks for you reply.
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