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Bought antique dealer didn't ship 2009/2/27 10:02
I bought an antique bronze cow or ox online from dealer Wataru Takamura, 3-28-16-202, Higashiyamada, Tsuzuko Yokohama, Kanagawa 224-0023, Japan. He accepted payment including EMS shipping, but never sent item. Repeated requests for shipping or package tracking info went unanswered, as did requests to send the item or a full refund. I live in the US and can't go to his shop to ask him in person. What can I do?
by River Rhoads  

... 2009/2/27 10:31
How did you pay? If you used a credit card or paypal then you have some recourse. Contact your credit card company to dispute the charge or file a Item Not Received dispute with Paypal.

If you payed by other means then you may be out of luck.
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... 2009/2/27 10:32
Did you make the purchase through ebay or yahoo! or any such site? Otherwise, it will be difficult to track down and get anything back from any fraudsters - you have his website link?
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... 2009/2/27 10:34
btw, what is the website of this dealer? Also, when contacting them did you send your email in Japanese or English? Often in my experience, the emails I sent in English will get ignored while a followup email in Japanese will be promptly answered.
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Antique dealer didn't send item 2009/2/27 10:46
Wataru Takamura initially answered emails, but only until I sent payment by US Postal International Money Order. Then kept insisting item would arrive soon, without tracking numbers/shipping info. More fool I: don't think he'll ever answer another email from me, in any language. Shikataganai?
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... 2009/2/27 13:58
Unfortunately, shikataganai.

If you don't receive the items then technically its mail fraud, but I doubt its worth pursuing. There probably aren't legal means to force a refund either.
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. 2009/2/27 23:44
Maybe some nice person on this forum near his shop can go in and say they are your friend and see if that will get any results. E-mail the info to them first. Have them contact the police for you if nothing is done.
I had a similar problem and it worked.
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Antique dealer didn't send item 2009/2/28 01:04
Excellent suggestion, guest! I have all the e-invoice copies in files, with all transaction info. I tried contacting local Kanagawa police station, but they told me I should have my local, US police station try on my behalf. Good luck that happening, but for $300 in lost transaction, I'd be willing to email the info to anyone over in his neighborhood who could file police report in person. Has nuisance value at any rate....
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telephone 2009/2/28 08:50
Do you have his telephone number?
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website address 2009/2/28 12:11
would you mind posting the web address?
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... 2009/2/28 14:02
If you have his website "shop" URL, that would help. I would not want to start inundating his e-mail account with mail claiming he screwed my friend lol, but if you have his shop URL, I would be happy to check it to see if he has all the necessary registration done as an antique dealer and provides information required of all mail-order companies.
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Antique dealer didn't send item 2009/2/28 14:38
He was on ebay, so I have only his email, not a business website. He got thrown off ebay for refusing to answer buyer complaint claim. Which is odd, because he had a perfect feedback record for previous transactions. Now they can't help, and he won't answer my emails. The only thing I may have left is Japanese language emails to him (I don't speak more than a few words) or to have someone go to his address and see if there's an actual shop or not. I think he does have a business.
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