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Calligraphy Master in Kitakata? 2009/2/27 19:50
Five years ago, I went to Kitakata (Fukushima), and my friend took me to the home / shop of a man who was VERY skilled in calligraphy. He asked every guest what their kanji was, and if you didn't have kanji, he asked about you and chose kanji for you. You got to take home the paper with your kanji on it for free, but had to buy anything else with kanji on it (fans, books, etc.). For the life of me, I can't remember his name or address - just that he's in Kitakata! Anyone have a clue?
by Brendan (guest)  

Calligraphy master in Kitakata 2011/7/19 23:55
Takahashi sensei is a very good shodo master, he lives in Kitakata on the side of Lion Dor supermarket in Teramachi. Has the shop and studio just on the side of the parking on main street. Speak very little english.
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