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Will I be big in japan? 2009/3/1 04:36
So this summer, we're going to take a trip to Japan. Maybe..

And I'm very excited, but very scared. I know that the Japanese are small and thin.
My Hip Measurements are 88cm (34-35 inches) and my waist measurements are 68cm (26 inches) Give or take a few inches on both. ;)
I am 5'2, and my weight is 102 lbs.

I already think I'm big, but will I be considered big in japan? Will I have a hard time if I were to try on clothes? Knowing a truthful answer will help in my anxiety of going. :)
Thanks a lot.
by Kitleoh  

. 2009/3/2 11:24
You are in a perfect shape both in Japan and in the USA, or wherever you go, in that matter.
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big?? 2009/3/2 13:18
really?? 5'2" and 102 pounds is big?? Hun, I'm 5'3" and 112. There were Japanese girls taller than me. They aren't pygmy people.
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lol, you're fine 2009/3/5 18:38
Haha! You're perfect! Don't stress...
I'm really fat, I'm 200 lbs and 5'4" and I am fine in Japan.
No ones looked at me funny because of weight (maybe a little in Tokyo but whatever)
People have always been wonderful and kind to me, especially in Osaka and regionally.

I've seen Japanese people bigger than me, don't believe the stereotypes, theyre people just like everyone else!
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height 2009/3/6 12:47
My Friend Des' japanese g/f Sachiko is as tall or slightly taler than i am, and I am an Australian male average height...She is admittedly very lightweight, less than 50kg I think she said...but this thing about Japanese even generally being very small has always been exaggerated or part myth...I lived in Townsville as a boy, which is an exporting seaport, more than half of the ships which called were Marus, the crewmen often used to go onshore to a park for a recreational game of baseball...even then, 40 years ago, @6ft tall japanese men in 20s and 30s were in evidence.
The average Japanese frame ( or east asian frame is probably smaller than the average western frame, but I think this idea of a race of almost always very short people is not accurate)
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