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kanji tattoos 2009/3/1 23:41
personally I believe that kanji tattoos are ridiculous.. but when a Japanese person notices a tattoo (even kanji) and they ask questions like they're interested... are they really interested for the right reasons?? Or are they just being polite... or trying to figure out why someone decided to get 鯉 on their arm...?
by UreshiiMiko  

... 2009/3/2 12:53
I'd definitely want to know why someone has "台所" or "天気人" tattooed on their arm.
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. 2009/3/2 13:16
is 天気人 even a word?? haha

maybe they were really dedicated in their kitchen... or they just literally translated it to ''huge place''
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Hilarious fish breeder, maybe?? 2009/3/2 21:41
If someone had 鯉 tattooed in his/her arm, I'd definitely be interested in knowing the reason. What Japanese doesn't?
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I agree with Uco-san 2009/3/2 22:48
If I got to talk with someone and found 鯉 tattooed on his/her arm, or 天気人 or 台所, I would be curious curious oh so curious that I would definitely ask!! :)
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Kanji Tatoos 2009/3/3 02:25
Tatoos are personal choice.

Kanji tatoos are not that common in Japan. Artistic designs are more common. When I see a Kanji tatoo, I always read what it means and then I get curious why the person chose that "wise" or "ridiculous" kanji. Does the kanji mean something to them? It tells me a lot about the person. So I think that's why people ask. I lived in japan long enough to know not to be rude to ask about personal matters like this. But here in US, I guess it's different.
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