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Natural Japanese beauty products 2009/3/2 06:13
United Kingdom
Hi there
I have been looking on the web at various Japanese beauty products and was so amazed at how natural and good they sound. I'd really like to try some things but I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland -UK!
Does anyone know any shops or websites that deliver to the UK? Also anyone have any good tips on what is good to try? So far I have considered rice bran face paste, azuki face paste, nightingale face paste and have also contacted the DHC skincare company.
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me any information :)
by jenski44  

Japanese Beauty and Skincare products 2009/11/10 13:52
I lived in Japan for 4 years and after I got back to the US the place that I have really depended on to get the latest and trendiest beauty and skincare products from Japan is Valence Detox Slimming Anti-aging in Beverly Hills. I live in NYC and found this place during a vacation in LA. This is my must visit every time I go to LA to keep my shelves stocked with Japanese products and whenever I need something I just email them and they ship it right to me. I am pretty sure they ship all over the world so you should be able to get them in the UK as well. Give them a call and they can tell you for sure. They are at www.vlns-spa.com
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