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Buy English lang laptop in Nagoya? 2009/3/2 11:42
I would like to buy a new laptop and have, if possible, English language software installed (e.g. English Vista/XP; Word, etc).

Also, useful to have some English language assistance from staff.

Anyone can recommend stores in the Nagoya area with contact information?
by Micky (guest)  

Nobody? 2009/3/12 07:24
Still looking for this if anyone can help...
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. 2009/3/12 12:42
You can pay extra and get Windows Vista Ultimate. It allows you to change the language to English.

If you want to buy locally and you don't want to pay extra for an English OS, you can always install Linux for free.
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Extra 2009/3/12 13:49
I'm more than happy to pay extra for English OS, but just need to know where I could go in Nagoya to get what I need.

There must be some supplier in Nagoya that could do an English language set up, surely?
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All u need... 2009/3/12 17:39
You just need to buy a Windows English OS. It's simple to load onto a computer. Or look in the classified, you might find a used one with English OS already installed.
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. 2009/3/12 17:46
Have you been to computer store and asked the staff? I'm sure the words yes, no, English, Windows Vista Ultimate and some hand gestures will get you by.

Try Bic Camera in Nagoya.
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Asked 2009/3/12 18:48
In the usual shops like crappy Goodwill, I usually get the old 'muzukashii' and scratching of head.
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Bic Camera 2009/3/12 18:50
Bic Camera were the worst 'muzukashii'. Weren't interested in the slightest.
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. 2009/3/13 11:10
It sounds like the only assistance you need is to convert the OS to English. You can do it yourself. It's not muzukashii. If you were able to get on the internet and post a question here, you have the required skills to convert Ultimate Vista into English. All you have to do is download the language pack from microsoft and change the language.
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XP 2009/3/13 12:36

Thanks for the advice.

I prefer to stick with XP as I know Vista is anti-download and DRM crazy.

Does wanting XP change your suggestions or complicate things?
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. 2009/3/13 15:58
With XP, you need to buy a laptop that comes pre-installed with English. I don't think you can change a JP XP to a Eng XP.

If you don't mind buying online, try Dell Japan or some online computer stores that cater to English-speaking foreigners. I think they're overpriced but hey, you're in Japan.

Mac is another option. Supposedly, you can change languages easily with it.
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M$ 2009/3/13 19:41
If you still have your current version of Windows XP installation disc you could just buy any computer and reformat using your old Windows XP. Or you could download language packs on XP as well, but this can only be dome on the Ultimate version of Vista.
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DELL online 2009/3/21 20:37
You can order from DELL. You can do it online, but it is better to go to their website:
compare with the US version:
choose a system and then call on the phone:
044-556-1200 (maybe)
and tell them what kind of system you want -- including the language choice. I think you can get English language keyboard layouts (though the Japanese keyboard is better is you ever use Japanese -- it just has a few more keys) and you can get an English OS.

I bought a mini 9 netbook from DELL this way last Fall. I chose one with ubuntu, not Windows, and they did not know about the OS language. I was all set to reflash the system with a new OS, but upon first boot, it actually asked me what language I wanted to use. Windows is not going to give you this choice.

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Arrggggg! 2009/3/21 20:58

Your advice is appreciated and I will check it out.

But...I've heard gut-wrenching horror stories about the faceless workings of DELL computers, so I would be very worried to step into those waters.
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Own XP 2009/3/21 21:04
I should have clarified that I want English XP, not Vista.

I do have my own installation CD for English version XP, but however simple this might be to many, it would be beyond me to attempt to adapt a Japanese language laptop myself.

The local stores I've asked about this won't do it. Something about warranty issues.

Geez, aren't there any stores that put 'em together custom made? There used to be one near me until really, really crappy Goodwill took them over. Now all enquiries receive the ol' "Whew, sorry okyakusama, can't do that".
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ubuntu 2009/3/22 15:05
just wondering greg, does ubuntu offer a change of language when booting? I have a japanese program that i want to run but it cant since it has issues with being compatible on an english version of windowsXP, while it works fine on my gf's japanese windowsXP. I tried installing the japanese language pack, and even changing the way unicode formats are presented but it still doesnt install..
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. 2009/3/23 11:23
You can change Ubuntu's language during installation or after boot-up. But your Windows programs probably won't run on it. There's a program called "wine" that will try to run Windows programs on Linux but it doesn't always work.
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ubuntu is not Windows 2009/3/23 23:46
Yes, Sonny, as Jerolm was alluding to, ubuntu is a complete different ball of wax than Windows. Ubuntu is a version of linux. And linux is as different from Windows as the MacOS is. None of the programs for Windows will run on Windows or a Mac, short of running Wine or or something else that only otaku really know about. I would not recommend it. You run Wine, and you'll probably be on your own or dealing with internet discussion boards . . .

OTOH, the applications that you do use on Windows may already have linux versions. Firefox (web browser) and Thunderbird (email) both run on almost any OS. What kind of application is the one you have that only runs well on Japanese Windows?
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My experience so far with same issue 2009/4/6 15:02
I am in exactly the same position here in Nagoya, every other shop says Bic Camera can do Eigo OS but then only the Dell guys at Bic actually can get you an English OS BUT only for the more expensive 15.4 inch plus (The Inspiron 13'' was the closest to meeting my needs but no English OS available).
Dell.com doesn't ship outside of the States so that is no solution (unless you can get it shipped to someone in the States who can ship it on to you - not being American that's useless for me)

The computer I actually want is the HP tx2 but I cannot find anywhere to get it with and English OS and I DO mind paying for two OS - seems ridiculous I can't at least get a clean machine and start from scratch myself (avoid all the bloatware, too, I don't want Norton EVER EVER installed on a machine of mine lol)

If you come up with a solution please do post here and I will, too.
Good luck

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maple story 2009/4/6 18:06
hi shonangreg

i do understand that ubuntu is a version of linux, in fact i use it all the time at uni. At home however, i use a windows computer and i am trying to install an online game to play with my girlfriend. It's called "Maple story". Unfortunately however, the Japanese version of the game is different to the English and i get all sorts of errors(some hex Assembly error) when i try to install a japanese program on my windows.

So, i heard that Ubuntu can change the language of the OS easily. I will try to install Ubuntu on my comp(just got it today) and hopefully just hopefully it will work(although i doubt it cos the setup file doesn't say what what type of OS it is compatible with and it probably isn't linux). Installing linux on a partition however wouldnt hurt for me anyway;)
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