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Where can I print plain postcards out? 2009/3/2 11:46
Where can I go to print out plain postcards: Address on front/ message ob back. As my PC has an Eng op system cant print cards out in Kanji or Hiragana etc.
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... 2009/3/2 12:56
if you install east asian scripts on your computer you can print out Kanji. What operating system are you using?
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Other Problem: Printer 2009/3/2 13:07
I use XP..have tried installing FONTS over and over again...no go! No idea why...

Also, my printer wont do postcards. Not sophisticated enough, but I did try it out.
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installing Japanese in Eng XP 2009/3/2 15:24
checkout the following links on how to setup your XP in order to type Japanese fonts.


Only Japanese version of word has built-in Japanese postcard template. But you can download the following template and use it for your printing.

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