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Jewelry - prices in Japan 2009/3/2 20:56

I know the question is a bit broad and hard to answer, but it would be interesting to know if Jewlery in genereal, not considering brands or type, is rather cheap or expensive in Japan, compared to Europe and/or the States. We are having our 25th anniversary during a trip to Japan and I'm not sure if it makes sense to go shopping there. We are from Germany.

Thanks for any kind of advice and help.

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... 2009/3/3 09:57
I would say that it definitely depends on brand. When shopping for an engagement ring I found that domestic brands were comparable to US prices, however name brands were considerably more expensive. I ended up getting a ring from a well known brand but ordered it from the US as it was about 40% less.
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... 2009/3/3 21:52
Just generally speaking and from my limited experience, jewelry is generally more expensive in Japan, though the Euro - Yen exchange rate would play a big part as well.

In addition, jewelry in Japan tend to be industrially made, as against Germany where you have numerous small shops run by individuals who
themselves design and sell handmade jewelry pieces. So whenever I go to Germany, I end up buying some jewerlry piece, as I find the handmade pieces more attractive. That's personal preference, though :)
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Mikimoto Pearls 2009/3/4 00:20
Happy anniversary. Have a look at the Mikimoto pearls shop in Tokyo.
Souvenir and gift in Japanese Mikomoto pearls.
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Jewelry in Japan 2009/3/4 03:30
Jewelry prices in Japan are quite par with the rest of the civilized world. It is true that the yen has appreciated tremendously in the last 5 months so in that sense it is more expensive.

Having said this, I have two points.

First, if you are in Tokyo, go to the jewelry district between Ueno and Okachimachi stations. This area has been known since from the 1950's but are not well known to tourists. I have not seen this area describe in major tourist websites or magazines. This area is close Ameyayokocho of Ueno. You will know that you are in this area when you see one jewelry stores after another. There supposedly about 2200 jewelry stores. The outside those stores look like a small shops but when you go in, they are like department stores of jewelry. The basements are often factories. In many stores, they have the retail section and then another floor only for wholesales. You can go into the wholesale side if you tell them that you "deal" with jewelry in your home country. Prices are great.

I found one website briefly describing this jewelry district:


I once bought unmounted Sapphire and Ruby stones there. I had it mounted back in the States. When I took to my jeweler friend, he estimated it was worth double the prices I paid.

Secondly, if you go to Nagoya-Kyoto (Osaka) area, take the train to Toba and visit the Mikimoto Pearl Island. It is a fun trip as well as again a shopping opportunity. Pearls are about 20-40% cheaper there than the same Mikimoto brand pearls in Tokyo. I bought my wife a double stranded pearl necklace and she loves me more now, lol.

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