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100 yen shop near Sendagi, Tokyo? 2009/3/2 23:07
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi! Have you heard about a 100 yen shop near Sendagi? i will be staying there for five months, and I need to keep it very cheap. I will probably go once a week do Daiso in Harajuku, but it would be great if there was a 100 yen shop near my place if I suddenly need anything.
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. 2009/3/4 10:05
There is a food-based 100 Yen shop in nearby Hakusan called Lawson Store 100. Here is the location on a map:


If you zoom out, you will eventually see Sendagi subway station in the top right of the map.

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Another one closer 2009/3/5 01:57
I don't know where you live exactly in Sendagi, but let's say that from the Dokanyama exit of Sendagi station, the 100 yen shop in Hakusan is pretty far. It's not worth the walk just to go to a 100 yen shop. (Isetan on Hakusan, however, is worth the walk.)

But, there are two 99 yen store (it's a chain; I've seen them all over Tokyo) on Shinabazu-dori. I lived right near Sendagi station, where the Lawson's is (san-chome). From there, the 99 yen store is about a 2 minute walk on Shinabazu-dori, in the direction *away* from Ueno-koen.

The second 99 store is further down Shinabazu, same direction, in the vicinity of a Honda dealership.

Go to Yanakaginza and find the bakery there. It's great! And the ladies there are very nice.
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depending 2009/3/5 16:05
depending on where you are in Sendagi you should walk over to Nishi Nippori, there are a number of very good supermarkets nearby and there is a nice 100yen shop not too far away.

There is a great supermarket called Hanamasa which sells imported meats and other imported foods. Only buy items there that you can't find at other supermarkets because it's almost always more expensive. They sell cheap pasta, olive oil and meat (Meat may be from China though, be aware of that and check the labels).
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donki ho-te 2009/3/5 22:46
if you head towards ueno you should also check out donki ho-te. i can't vouch for the quality though.
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Hanamasa et al. 2009/3/7 01:14
I bought all my olive oil and balsamic vinegar at Hanamasa. They also sell good tuna steaks.

On the way to Hanamasa, from Sendagi station, you will also find the Summit grocery store.

I'm more of a cooking at home person, rather than buying prepared meals, when I was in Tokyo. Between, Hanamasa, Summit, and the 99 store, I pretty much had everything I needed. I went to Isetan pretty regularly, but it is more expensive.
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