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Kimono 2009/3/3 10:30
My girl is 8 yrs old n ny boy is 5 yrs old. What's the cheapest children Kimono i can get in Japan? Which part of Ginza can i get it? Or which shops / shopping centres in Ginza can I get it?
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kids 2009/3/3 17:15
don't go to Ginza for kids' kimonos (do you really mean Kimonos or Yukatas?) try Asakusa.
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Kimono shopping 2009/3/4 04:31
There are authentic traditional kimonos and then there are simple cotton or polyesther ''kimono'' style gowns sold at souvernir stores for novelty.

Authentic Kimonos are available at special ''Gofuku Uriba'' or Traditional Kimono section in high end Department Stores such as Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya or Isetan. They range from about 30,000 yen to as much as 1,000,000 yen. Sometimes special exibits show kimonos that cost over 3 million yen. They have children sizes too. Almost all of those kimonos are tailor made so you have to wait for weeks. You also have to buy the undergarments, tabi (socks), obi (tie ribbon), sandals and other accessories. The most authentic traditional ones actually have a total of 12 layers.. called ''Jyuni Shitoe.'' They were worn by feudal princesses. You can see one in Himeji Castle.

On the other hand, the souvenir types cost about 2000-5000 yen depending on the material and sizes. I bought one for my 12 year-old daughter a nice one at Asakusa area for 3000 yen. They are also found at Narita Airport shops.

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