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how to get concert tickets in Japan? 2009/3/5 10:50
I''m not in japan or anything, I just want to know how a foreigner can purchase tickets to any live event, such as a show at Budokan or even Yokohama Arena...thanks for all ur help!
by BelleConstantine  

. 2009/3/6 10:44
Anyone can purchase concert tickets in Japan, there are many places you can buy such as "Ticket Pia" or those at convenience stores.
But if you are abroad, it should be difficult...
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hard 2009/3/11 10:22
Getting concert tickets in Japan is probably one of the hardest thing to do in the world. Either try to join the artist's fanclub (where you can get the tickets first) or really, go to japan and buy them.
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Tickets 2009/3/11 14:06
I have to agree with the first post - the easiest way is thru convenience stores, but you wil need a credit card!! 2 girls from Germany came to Japan last year, just for the purpose of visiting something like 15 concerts. With the exception of two, we were able to get all tickets!
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don`t need a credit card 2009/3/11 14:45
if you buy the tickets from the combini you don`t need a credit card. when you reserve your tickets, a pay slip will print, take that to the register & pay any way you want (credit or cash). the clerk will give you your tickets.
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other ways 2009/3/15 19:03
There is also ticket.co.jp. mbok, and yahoo auctions if you know someone who is willing to either bid or buy the tickets for you seeing as how you don't have a Japanese address. There are also the resale ticket places.
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