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shinto kami list 2009/3/6 07:32
if there is a japanese shinto kami of love (either a god or goddess) please let me know, i also need a list of japanese shinto kami so i can worship the kami!!! thx.
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... 2009/3/6 08:44
Have you ever heard the expression that there are eight million "kami" in shinto? :) Well, this is just figurative speech, but it means " a lot."
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Okuninushi-no-mikoto 2009/3/6 10:20
You can find small shrine which is called Jishu-jinja, in the yard of Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. People say that the god of the shrine would help their wish for love.

The god enshrined is Okuninushi-no-mikoto. He was the god who governed Japan before Emperor's era. His legend is full of love and he never fought.
People say he would connect romantic couple.
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In Miyajima 2009/3/6 10:42
Miyajima Island's Itsukushima Shrine has aspecial tradition related to rice scoop. I mean big ones!

But there, at hundreds of souvenir shops, you can buy one of those rice scoops for all kinds of prayer requests. One of them has a engravement which says "Ryo En." It means good relationship or good meeting.

You take this rice scoop "Ryo En" to the shrine and pray to the gods for a special request that you will meet the "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE", in other words, your Soulmate.

I did this many years ago, and within a year, I met my wife for life.

After I got married, I went back to Miyajima and gave thanks at the shrine and bought another rice scoop with engravement in kanji "Fufu Enman", which means Happy marriage or married couple.

We have been celebrating many anniversaries since then, bless with children and happy long marriage.

I works for me. Just a personal testimony. Maybe it's all in the head. But why not. It does not hurt. The rice scoop cost only about 1000 yen.

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