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britain and japan linked by Kobe city? 2009/3/7 03:09
I have a small copper dish, looks to be antique (1900-1950). It has the british and japanese flags together as if to inply ''allies'' or ''peace'' with the word ''Kobe'' inpressed underneath.
What could this mean??
by azza12  

. 2009/3/7 21:05
Do you have a problem assuming it simply implies ''allies'' or ''peace'' between Britain and Japan? Kobe is the second largest harbor city in Japan, and perhaps the saucer was made to congratulate an arrival of a British ship or something.
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The Anglo-Japanese alliance 2009/3/7 21:48
The Anglo-Japanese alliance was signed on January 30,1902.

Your copper dish may have been sold as souvenir to a tourist who took a boat at Kobe in this time.
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