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Forgotten my camera charger! 2009/3/8 22:16
Tokyo 23-ku
The title explains it! I've just unpacked at my hotel in Shinjuku and realised I haven't packed my Olympus camera's battery charger! And now the battery's almost dead!

Stupid I know!

Is there any shops in the Shinjuku area that would be able to sell me a replacement, for a resonable price?
by Martinlott  

yes 2009/3/9 09:01
Tkae your battery and camera to any of the big electrical shops (Yodobashi, BIC Camera, Sakura, etc.) and they should have chargers for sale. I had to buy a new one about 2 years ago and it cost me about 8000 yen which I thought was a rip off, but I needed it so paid it. Price will probably vary on the charger.
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online 2009/3/9 09:44
look online first at a place like kakaku.com

have a japanese friend do it for you if you can't read it.

don't buy from yodobashi unless you have to, because the price will be extremely high. yodobashi charges full japanese retail prices for everything which are generally higher than everywhere else in the world.
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