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Japanese school textbooks...? 2009/3/10 00:12
Is there any way of getting Japanese school textbooks outside Japan?
Download?buy online(but with shipping)?ANY way??please?!!
by yu (guest)  

me too! 2009/3/10 18:16
Yes, I am looking for the same thing.
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? 2009/3/11 00:39
Of course there is, but what's your situation? At least you can tell us where you're located and what kind of text books you need.
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students 2009/3/12 19:08
I'm a school teacher wanting to collect some Japanese elementary school textbooks to show my students. I have a randoseru, so would like to have some books to put in it. I'm in Australia, going to Japan in a few weeks.
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At book stores 2009/3/12 21:39

If you're coming to Japan, all you have to do is to go to one of the book stores that handle school books and buy them at the spot. Where will you be visiting? For example, if you're coming to Tokyo, what part of Tokyo? Perhaps someone can assist you to find a shop from the following Japanese map.
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for books outside japan 2009/3/13 05:13
If you want to get textbooks outside japan, this site is pretty useful:


I have seen them carry books elementary students use in the past so I'm sure they have a decent selection.
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