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Is English spoken in the dept stores? 2009/3/10 11:16
Do the staff speak English in the dept stores (in Japan)?
We are moving to Okinawa in July and I had to turn down a job with my favorite cosmetics counter. I would love to try and work for that company in Japan if that is a possibility. Please respond with any info or advise.
by KimberlyGlamourEyes  

Japanese skills? 2009/3/10 13:09
Some staff no doubt have a command of English, but the most important thing is that they are fluent speakers of Japanese- you don't really have a chance at that kind of job unless you speak, and read Japanese fluently.
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darn! 2009/3/10 14:26
oh well it will just have to wait 3 years I guess til we return to the states
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.. 2009/3/10 21:17
You can start learning Japanese in the meantime, if you become good at it, maybe there's a chance. Plus its good to know the language to communicate if you're going to be there three years.
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