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gaijin-friendly bars in kabukicho 2009/3/10 12:23
Tokyo 23-ku
i just realized that the hotel i booked, best western astina, is in kabukicho. while it has really good reviews on trip advisor, i want to make sure this is an ok area to stay in, being that it's red light district. i understand that during the day it is ok, but i planned on going out exploring at night. i want to make sure i dont end up going into a strip club/hostess bar unknowingly and be charged exorbitant fees or something. what are some good bars/clubs that are foreigner-friendly?
by sumisu (guest)  

.... 2009/3/10 18:35
Don't go to any Kabukicho bar unless you are with a friend who knows the area. Otherwise, you will be ripped off. These bars will charge salarymen who go alone 10,000+ yen for a glass of beer, then add a table charge to the tab. Large men with tattoos in dark suits will help you to pay the tab if you seem to have difficulty.
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There's at least one good bar... 2009/3/10 19:51
This probably isnft too helpful but I went into a bar in Kabukicho last May and it was fine and very friendly. The reason that this isnft too helpful is that I have no idea what it was called or exactly where it is, but, it did have a sign outside that said in English, eno cover chargef, or something to that effect. And it wasnft down a side street or alley, so wander around the area and you should stumble across it. There was a David Beckham clock on the wall inside (but donft let that put you off!), the beer was reasonably priced and the staff were very friendly. On the Saturday I went in they had a couple of small TVfs showing football and the Sunday night I went in it was quiet and I drank and chatted with some local origami experts (they gave me a frog) and they played a CD I bought earlier in the day on the bars CD player. I didnft ask, they just offered to play it for me! A great little bar.
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