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PS3 2009/3/10 16:38
Is it posible to buy in Japan European or USA version of Playstation 3?
by Lonia (guest)  

... 2009/3/10 23:41
Some shops carry international versions of electronics, however I don't recall ever seeing video games systems for sale. However, international versions (if you can find them) are typically more expensive than the Japanese version and often more expensive than if you just bought it in your home country.
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why? 2009/3/11 08:51
You could just buy a normal Japanese system and switch the language to english? I change my to Japanese all the time. Its really no different from the ones you'd by in America.
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... 2009/3/11 11:27
however, it is not that simple if you live in the UK. I'm not positive but I the PS3 is likely not switchable between NTSC and PAL so a Japanese player may not play on European TVs. Assuming that's not an issue you will also require a step down transformer and possibly a plug adapter. The final problem is region coding which while it doesn't affect games, it will affect the PS3s usefulness as a Blu-ray and DVD player.
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still... 2009/3/12 12:00
As far as region coding...that is understandable. I never watch blu-ray movies, so i didn't consider it. You shouldn't need a plug adapter as the system uses a standard PC cable and a universal power supply that works between 100-240V. As far as I know the PS3 blatantly ignores PAL/NTSC tv issues if you are using a RGB scart lead, a component lead or a hdmi connection, so it will work.
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