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Blue Label Burberry 2004/6/11 04:18
Is blue label burberry very different from burberry london? what's the differences between the two burberry?Can you tell right away the differences between the two? Please resply to this question cause i'm buyin one blue label but i'm kinda apprehensive about the brand. Those who have burberry blue label can you please tell me the quality or Any suggestions,recommendations or warning? Thanks a lot!
by jonah  

Quality and design 2004/6/11 10:08
I don't own any blue label, but do have some Burberry London and the difference is quite obvious. Everything from material; to attention to details; to the sewing is of a lesser quality for blue label, and of course this is reflected in the price. I think the Blue label is more for the younger crowd who do not necessarily care too much about quality as long as it is in the signature tartan. And yes, you can definitely tell Blue label just by looking at it from a distance.
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blue label is the best 2004/8/17 17:42
Just to let you know that I only buy burberry blue label and not any other type of burberry because of the design and not because I do not care about the quality. Blue label has much better designs - not like the other worn mostly by old hags
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authentic Burberry 2005/7/28 11:16
I have purchased authentic Burberry from www.scottsdesignerimports.com I work with the brother of the owner of this company and know that most of the items come from the Burberry outlet and sample sales. They are not the current season but you do not have to worry about fakes. I've also found great deals on Kate Spade and manolo blahniks. I think their prices are pretty good.
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burberry touch? 2005/7/31 17:38
Hi! I got a burberry touch perfume from ebay but Im not sure if it's authentic or not. The cap is another shade different from what is bein normally sold in the stores which a deep shade of brown. Mine is an combination of white and grey. The seller claims it was made in france and could be a distinguishing mark or a new packaging. Is this true? Pls. help. thanks
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Where can i get authentic burberry? 2006/3/18 01:38
Hi.I've seen people carrying burberry blue label bags around and i find them really nice. Can anyone who have bought authentic burberry blue label online give me the webpage of which you have purchased?
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Need help 4 BlueLabel Burberry 2006/4/12 18:53
I have recently purchased a Blue Label Burberry handbag from a Japan Boutique. It's gorgoues in pink colour. I have just a found a black stain (guess from the car mat floor), and have asked everyone even cobbler, they say it's very hard to find a porduct to clean of something fabric made. The place I am in don't have burberry boutique which I could take it in and have it clean. Any recommendation?

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Blue Label Burberry 2006/4/14 09:45
I'll be visiting Japan in May 1. Staying in Yokosuka. Is there a Blue label Burberry Shop in the area. or in Tokyo? How much does a Blue Label Burberry cost? is it less than Burberry Landon?
I love to shop, is there a place you can recommend going?
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. 2006/4/16 05:22

Burberry Blue (Japan) bought the license from Burberry London. So Burberry Blue is a Japan exclusive item that is managed by Sanyo from memory.

I don't know who said the quality of normal Burberry is better. To me and my lovely girl friends this is certainly not true. The Burberry Blue label to them is in fact of more better, consistent built quality. The sewing isn't better on the Burberry London line, it is only thicker and not as subtle as the Japanese line.

This is one of the hidden treasures in Japan... the designs are much younger, brighter and colourful than the monotonous designs of the original. Not to mention it is more exclusive.

Burberry London is so prone to being copied, because it is easy to copy... haha

But for western women don't bother buying their clothes, a size 8 there is nowhere near even a normal size 6 according to my non-Japanese girl friends. :)
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wonderful blu label 2006/4/21 05:54
I was in japan last year and I just loved the blu label burberrys.
I just cannot go back to japan soon so I was looking for a web site where to buy from. thx
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Blue label 2006/4/27 16:00
I just got back from tokyo and bought a blue label pink tote. it is really lovely and the quality is also good. It cost about 25,000yen. I bought it in the department store near Ueno Park, Matsu... something. : )
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burberry location 2006/5/3 12:56

i love burberry blue label so much. give me some. mwah
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burberry blue label 2006/5/5 22:32
Hi, i would like to ask when the websites state that it is authentic or genuine? what does that mean? i would like to know because i wouldnt want to buy a fake burberry blue label.
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Burberry Blue Label fan 2006/10/14 17:29
I have got 3 blue label bags from Japan. They receive lots of positive comments whenever i bring them out! Quality wise, I would say that I have no complaints. They are will sewn, uniquely designed, pretty colours and reasonably priced! So if you go to Japan, make sure you get one or 2 of these darlings!
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Blue Label is beautiful 2006/10/27 03:23
I lived in Japan, and Blue Label is wonderful! The quality of the wallets and bags are good, and it offers more variety than the beige/brown towns of regular Burberry (pinks, baby pink, baby blue, blacks, etc.).

Also, if you visit Japan and are interested in men's wear, Burberry Black Label makes very sleek and stunning men's items!!
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Blue Label Catalogue 2006/11/23 21:28
Does anybody know where can i view the latest designs for the Blue Label bags on the web. The Burberry Blue Label website is not very useful as they only featured limited designs.
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just reserved a pinky 2007/1/21 09:57
ive just put my name on a waiting list for this bag. (look!
http://www.burberry-bluelabel.com/collection/a/index.html) well asked ooh!Japan.com, buyfromjapan.com, japanmall.com and akibado for an estimate and its availability since it looks like the brand doesn't deal with someone from India. anyway, the bag is brilliant. can't wait to get it!
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Blue Label Catalogue 2007/1/23 15:22
Hi All,

I really tink tt the Blue Label website is not enough to show the products in the store itself is there any way to view & buy from japan online?

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burberry blue label 2007/1/23 19:48
I think burberry blue label is way much better than the other burberry, quality and desiogn wise. Colors and designs are much more vibrant.. and fun! I have around 5 burberry blue label bags and i still can't get enough of it.
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burberry blue label 2007/1/25 03:42
Can anyone tell me, if burberry blue label handbags has serialnumbers like the london-line??
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