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Searching for cheap Kimonos 2009/3/11 10:45
Im only 13, but im very mature for my age. My mother is throwing me this fantastic Japanese themed party but we are looking for kimonos for our guests to wear there is only five girls including me.... Do you havre any websites or places were i can maybe find some cheap kimonos orcan u give me song good ideas for my party??????????
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Yukata 2009/3/11 15:25
True Kimonos are expensive. From relatively expensive to extraordinary expensive and they have to be worn with all sorts of accessories. . What you want to buy is a Yukata, made of cotton. it has the same cut as a kimono but it is not the same thing. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukata .Please note that for both a Yukata and a Kimono a woman MUST bring the left side to the right side, like for men clothes. this is a MUST DO. You didn't say where you live....Is there a good size Japanese grocery store near your home? .
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. 2009/3/11 21:59
Look on eBay.
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Japanese food 2009/3/15 00:36
Thanks alot I live in Mississippi, but I have some friends who work at the Chinese Restaurant and she would love to have her cousin From Japan who works there make me some food.
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Japan-shop is very helpful 2009/3/19 21:25

Is very, very helpful. There are tons of yukata there for only $20 - $50, so I guess it depends on your budget.
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yes, ebay -- where in Mississippi? 2009/3/21 21:17
Chiiiii Chiiii, ebay does have many yukata listed. You could buy an assortment and have several choices each. Either way, searching for "yukata" online should give you many choices.

BTW, where are you in Mississippi? I'm from Columbus -- living south of Yokohama now.

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