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Diet: Is boiled rice fattening? 2009/3/12 19:56
I'm on a diet.

Is rice good for a diet?

Is it fattening and does anyone have figures of calorie count per measured portion (once boiled)?
by Sam (guest)  

carbs 2009/3/13 08:47
It's carbo you know. It'll get you fat if you eat enough of it. Look at sumo wrestlers. Try the brown rice, genmai, for more nutrition--but even this can get you fat if you eat enough.
by .... (guest) rate this post as useful

Glycemic index 2009/3/13 08:54
I'm not sure of the calorie count for white Japanese rice, but it has quite a high Glycemic index(GI). (I think around 70)
(White bread, potato, as well)

This means that carbohydrates in it are converted quickly to blood sugars. Apart from the production of insulin, etc in regulating blood sugar, one of the effects is that higher GI foods tend to make you fatter!!

The mechanism seems to be that converting the rice to blood sugars quickly (releasing energy quickly), the body either stores the excess as fat or else doesn't use excess fat as a source of energy. Whatever the real mechanism, studies have shown that consuming more high GI food tends to increase your level of stored fat.

Low GI food release the energy more slowly. These include Basmati & brown rice, a lot of fruits & vegies, grain breads. Low GI foods also sustain energy for a longer period of time.
by Sandy (guest) rate this post as useful

Use calorie count sites... 2009/3/13 09:05
Nothing is inherently ''fattening''- everything contains a certain amount of calories, and whether it makes you fat or not depends on how much you eat of it. If you eat a small amount of rice it will not make you fat, if you eat bowls and bowls of it then it may well do.

As for the calorie content of rice, there are hundreds of sites on the internet that you can enter a type of food and amount and the site will return the number of calories- do a search.
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

calorie count 2009/3/13 09:09
Incidentally in Japan rice is steamed, never boiled- I really think you are asking this on the wrong site. Here, I'll give you a link to a more helpful one:
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Re: Diet: Is boiled rice fattening? 2009/3/14 16:41
The Glycemic index of Japanese rice is unfortunately one of the highest for rice. Basmati rice's index is much lower for example. However properly prepared Japanese rice is delicious and should be enjoyed as part of a trip to Japan, IMO, but do like the Japanese do, just eat a little of it.
by Hoshisato rate this post as useful

Just bento 2009/3/19 20:35
According to just bento, 1 cup of white, Japanese short grain rice is 170 cals. I quote her:

"The capacity of g1 cuph varies from country to country, in a maddening way. In the U.S. itfs about 240ml (236.588238 ml); in Japan itfs 200ml; in the UK itfs 436ml. I use 240ml (standard U.S. cup measure) as an approximimate middle ground, especially for rice. If you are very concerned about every single calorie, itfs best to invest in a good kitchen scale."

Boil in bag rice is significantly higher on the glycemic scale and not as healthy. If you want to read about some diet Japanese food or want to know about food portions, I can't recommend enough.
by Maneki (guest) rate this post as useful

rice 2009/3/21 15:13
Low carb, low cholesterol or any other diet is not as good as a LOW CALORIE diet for losing weight. The japanese are ranked 160ish/190 for the world's fattest countries(google this, its easy to find and if you dont believe me i can link it easily) while most of the western and other developed nations rank in the top 30 fattest. Japan is i think the best out of the developed nations in terms of health quality, survival rate and obesity numbers. Why is this? Because japanese eat a very healthy diet of rice, veggies, soy products and some poultry and seafood. They also do not eat alot, relatively. Western diet, like the one i am from in australia, tend to criticize the content of RICE, which many of the asian countries eat and tend to be at the bottom of that 190 list. I've seen westerners praise their non-fat salads, cholesterol free chips, less unhealthy soft drinks and other foods. Yet the majority eat junk food, chips, dessert and meat in excess. They then have a high intake of calories despite arguing what they eat is healthy, and low and behold, obesity.

In essential, japanese rice may be fattening, but if you eat like a japanese, there's a high chance you'll probably lose weight and live longer. My opinion on rice - it gets me full easily, and its cheap, so i eat it.
by sonny (guest) rate this post as useful

Rice 2009/3/21 15:27
I'd certainly agree, that you could do a hell of a lot worse for fattening food, than rice.

Perhaps look at it this way. Lok around or consider every noticeably obese person you have ever known, dealt with, or seen...
I'd be prepared to bet that in not one case is eating rice among the main culprits or one of the things they have in common .
One of my main things is potatoes..I love those damn things, with spaghetti its one of the things i never tire of. So much so that I even combine them. They're both carb,the potatos are starch.

I'm not fat, 176cm 79kg.
The Japanese or any Asians I can think of, are not thought of as among the worlds fattest people, the Sumo deliberately set out to be fat and Im sure its not accomplished with rice.
Despite apparently being among the heaviest smokers, and most East Asians seem to be recalcitrant smokers compared to Americans, the Japanese are often cited as close to the worlds longest life span people?
Isn't it actually traced to one of the southern outpost islands, maybe Okinawa?? or such area, for about most longevid people in world?
by Patrick (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2009/3/21 16:17
Rice itself is not particularly fattening - it is more like a question of volume one takes at a time.

Besides, when eating bread or pasta (western type), one tend to eat something using oil/fat while in Japanese cuisine rice is to be eaten with far less greasy dishes.
(Tempura, tonkatsu, gyudon are not really "everyday" dishes.)
Any low calory food can be fattening if you eat a lot, methink.
by . (guest) rate this post as useful

rice = fat? 2009/4/2 11:56
rice and fat, dont correlate statistically. Take a look at the countries who eat rice mainly, they are at the very bottom(basically last) of the world's fattest countries list:

i think, as an asian, if i wanted to gain more weight, i would have better chance eating a western diet. Not eat more rice.
by dot (guest) rate this post as useful

trick 2009/4/7 08:02
HereLs the trick. You can avoid most of the cal at the rice by just simply doing like japanese do. Wash a few times (at least 3) the rice in cold water before boiling it, so it releases the starch, which is one of the most fattening components in rice.
by aerond rate this post as useful

depends? 2009/4/10 02:55
Sam, I think we're all pretty individual in terms of how well we can handle carbs (or fats etc). If you've made a correlation in the past that eating lots of carbs tends to make you fat, I would limit my white rice intake (but first I would limit drinks with sugar).

I've noticed though that in japan, compared to living in the US, you tend to walk a lot more so this tends to help burn off the carbs (at least personally).
by onkel (guest) rate this post as useful

Brown Rice is Musch better 2009/4/15 14:38
Getting fat depends on how much you eat it wont matter if you avoid chocolate and rice if you gorge on something else.

That said white rice is basically empty calories. It gives you energy but there is very little nutrition. Its best to eat brown rice as it has more fibre and vitamins.
by soulboy (guest) rate this post as useful

Rice is good. 2009/8/1 06:28
Rice doesNOT make you fat. Rice is a main stable diet of the japanese, also the chinese, but I hardly see any fat japanese on the streets, but i see more fat americans. If you're afraid rice will make you fat, do you think american diet will make you skinnier?

The trick is eat in moderation and in small portions. Don't supersize your meals. Avoid desserts or appetizers with every meals. If you eat small meals you will lose weight without even realizing it.
by mrtravel (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2009/8/3 07:55
I eat rice twice a day everyday for the last 32 years. I'm skinny as a stick. Hope that gives you some idea.
by anastasia7 rate this post as useful

rice is??? 2009/8/3 15:27
the glycemic index of a food only relates to that food as eaten alone. No one has ever studied the glycemic index of a meal made of several foods eaten together in that one meal. For example rice + fish+ miso soup etc. (or pasta + pasta sauce + chicken + salad). In other words the GI is useless.
The fact is that people eating meals made of several different foods, each food eaten in small quantities and without too much fat, salt etc. keep their weight under control, regardless of the type of cuisine eaten (Japanese, French, Greek, Italian etc.)

The Body mass index is another inaccurate measurement as it doesn't take in account the percentage of fat versus muscle in a body. 2 people of the same height and weight will have the same BMI, yet one will be slim muscular and the other chubby and pudgy.
by Monkey see (guest) rate this post as useful

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