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gifts 2009/3/14 02:54
Hi all,

I was wondering if japanese people also give people who are sick/recovering at home gifts? And, would friends do that?It wouldn't look odd/romantic if you gave your friend something would it?:)

Thank you:)
by ichigokuma (guest)  

Yes 2009/3/14 14:08
Of course we would give them, and no, it wouldn't seem odd/romantic unless it's something overly valuable.

But try to avoid rooted plants, as it implies the sick to be "rooted" in bed. For example, a bouquet is fine, but flowers planted in a pot is not good.
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oh! 2009/3/15 02:49
I didn't know about the potted plant thing (don't like them much so wouldn't have gone that route I hope haha) thanks for the tip!:)
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