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train station soba etiquette? 2009/3/14 16:45
I was at a train station in a soba/udon restaurant and there were about 6 two person tables available all in a row. I sat down at one of the tables on the opposite side of the booth and i realized later on that everybody else was sitting on the booth side with their backs to the wall and leaving the other seat (which i feel is more accessible) empty. Is there some sort of etiquette or custom to which seat you choose in this situation or was it just some coincidence?
by Ben (guest)  

thoughts 2009/3/16 15:02
You need to draw me a blue print to get that straight, but generally speaking, it would be easier for the clerk/customer to pass the bowl if you're close to each other. And people who eat at soba stands in stations don't intend to stay there long, so it doesn't really matter where they sit, and they tend to think that they might as well sit at a place where no one has to carry the bowl for a long time, unless you have special reasons like wanting to chat with a friend at a 2 persons table. Does this make sense in your situation?
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Another thought 2009/3/16 15:05
Unless I'm trying to have a good cup of coffee or trying to do some writing, I usually sit at a counter when I'm alone at fast food shops, just so that the tables will be unoccupied in case someone really needs it comes.
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The seats 2009/3/16 15:19
against the wall are usually more comfortable too. Usually they are the cushion type where as the seats which seem more accessible are normal chairs.
But there is no particualr set rules that have to be followed regarding eating (except for slurping...hehhe).
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Etiquette? 2009/3/16 15:33

In other words, there is no special etiquette or rules that need to be followed, other than using common sense to make sure you are not unnecessarily blocking other people's space etc. So don't worry about it!
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