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Japanese ATM fees 2009/3/14 18:47
I have a Washington Mutual debit MasterCard that I'll be using to withdraw money from Japanese ATMs during my upcoming trip. I've been scouring the Internet for information and the consensus seems to be that I should use ATMs at the post office or 7-11. However, I've read some contradictory information about the associated fees. In addition to WaMu's fees, what can I expect to be charged? Some sources say 7-11 doesn't charge at all, while others say there's a 210 yen fee per transaction for MasterCard users. Likewise, some sources say post office ATMs are completely free, while others say there's a 130 yen fee (but possibly only during certain hours). Does anyone know what the exact charges are? Thanks!
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.. 2009/3/16 22:13
When I use my bank of america card at post offices, shinsei bank, and 7-11 there are no ATM fees on the Japanese side.

The only fees I get hit with are:
Bank of America off network fees, usually around 5 bucks, plus the general currency exchange fee (based on whatever card you have). But the ATMs itself don't charge me anything at least.
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Re: Japanese ATM fees 2009/3/31 07:28
7 Bank (7-11) may charge a Japan-side fee of either 105 yen or 210 yen per transaction, depending on the time of day. (Although some banks have no fee privileges with 7 Bank. You will be warned of the extra fee if there is one.) Japan Post Bank does not charge a fee.

7 Bank ATMs are not particularly friendly to English users, although it is possible to use them since they operate pretty much as expected for simple cash withdrawals. Japan Post Bank ATMs are much more English-friendly and will even speak to you in English if you select English mode.

The 7 Bank ATMs operate at all hours, although technically they do shut down for about 5 minutes at midnight. Many/most Japan Post Bank ATM locations are closed except during normal business hours or outside extended business hours.

Japan Post Bank has ATMs available at Narita Airport in both terminals upon arrival.

There are a few Citibank ATMs in Japan and a very few other foreign bank ATMs in Japan (like HSBC).
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7-11 ATMs 2009/4/1 13:57
"7 Bank ATMs are not particularly friendly to English users, although it is possible to use them since they operate pretty much as expected for simple cash withdrawals."

That wasn't my experience in Tokyo and I only used a 7-11 ATM since it was right around the corner from where I was staying. The ATM had a button for selecting English.
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210yen surcharge at Seven Bank ATM 2009/4/2 22:14
210yen surcharge at Seven Bank ATMs (for MasterCard / Cirrus / Maestro).



No surcharge at Japan Post Bank ATMs.


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BofA 2009/4/23 23:30
In regards to ExpressTrain's post about Bank of America: we're going to Japan for the first time and spoke to a BofA representative about the ATM fees. They have agreements with some banks in Europe to wave the fees and we wondered the same about Japan.

Accordong to BofA, the only "off network" ATMs mentioned in ExpressTrain's post are the 7-11 ATMs. The post office and Shinsei ATMs should not have resulted in fees for the BofA card. They further stated that any ATMs on the Japan Visa network that does not impose a fee on the machine will not result in a fee from BofA.

I'll try to remember to let everyone know what happens when we test this claim.
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HMMMM.... 2009/4/24 18:16
We recently withdrew 50000Yen from the Central Post Office ATM at Osaka: our Australian bank, Westpac, charged us a $5AUS fee, plus 1%: ie: $6.91AUS. THEN there was a 2% fee from the Japanese end "Foreign Transaction fee": $13.82: so our $691 AUS withdrawal cost us $25.73: however as the exchange rate was better than changing money in Australia before we left we just did it....
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