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Sumo Wrestlers in Dojo? 2009/3/16 12:26
I want to go to a dojo to see sumo wrestlers and to be able to interact with them, but I dont want to do a tour.

Any suggesstions?
by Cameron (guest)  

heya vs. dojo 2009/3/16 16:20
Sumo wrestlers train in a "heya" or "stable" rather than a dojo- this may help you with internet searches on the topic.
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It depends on the area... 2009/3/23 17:28
Hi. You are welcome to visit many heyas during March when they come to the Osaka area. I recommend going to the tourist information center in front of JR Osaka station and asking them for a list of locations of heyas and the phone numbers you can use to contact them to ask if it's ok for you to visit and if so, on what day and at what time. I have visited many, many heyas, many times and have never found myself treated badly. I have always felt welcomed. The boys are usually very friendly, relaxed, talkative, and kind. If I can help you with anything else, please ask.
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