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Flea markets - Yoyogi & Meiji Park 2009/3/16 16:06
Does anyone know the dates for the Yoyogi and Meiji park flea markets in April?
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. 2009/3/16 23:57
4/12 @ Yoyogi
4/18 @ Meiji
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? 2009/3/17 03:45
And does they speak english? cuz i'll be there on those dates and on Japanese only thanks i can say!

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Probably not much 2009/3/17 08:09
They? Do you mean the stall holders? They will have a few words of English, like numbers etc, enough to make a transaction if you want to buy something. If you want to ask them about their life story or political views though, they are unlikely to be able to tell you in English.

What do you want to talk to them about?
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Hi Sira 2009/3/17 18:12
Hi Sira
Have you been to the Togo shrine flea market?? We plan on that the day we arrive (same day as your Mum!!) as we are going to Meiji shrine and the Ota Museum as well: do they have kimono silk pieces and woodblock prints there?
Cheers and thanks (we are going with my cousin who is fluent in Japanese, but has never been to a flea market......men!)
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flea markets 2009/3/17 21:24
Hi fmj, you must be arriving early in the morning? My Mum will be on a Jetstar flight from the Gold Coast so arrives late in the evening.

I'm afraid I haven't been to the Togo shrine flea market- due to having had to teach a yoga class on Sunday morning for years, I almost never get to see any of the flea markets, although I would love to go! Hopefully someone else can help you with that. I wouldn't expect to find woodblock prints as those tend to be valuable antiques. Old kimonos though perhaps.
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Thanks Sira 2009/3/18 06:09
Thanks Sira.: yes, the red eye from Sydney.....but we get to spend the day with family so....
Thanks for info....will be fun whatever.
Enjoy the time with your Mum
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frustrating 2009/3/18 06:44
Very frustrating going to Sunday markets or garage sales on foreign holidays- you are bound to see too many things you would eagerly buy at home, but cannot possibly carry.

Perhaps its a good way for these people you sometimes see posting here trying to score cheap bicycles to get one????
Alas, perhaps the stallholders wouldnt bother bringing such things.
I wouldnt worry about language communications, perhaps simply expand your knowledge of Japanese numbers.
No point in shrewdly haggle-offering the guy 2000 when he just asked for 500.
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To Sira 2009/3/18 07:12
Obviously i was talking about the stallholders... what i mean is that at least they can explain about how to use whatever thing i would like to buy, i don't think i would ask them about their religion or personal life....
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English levels 2009/3/18 08:59
To Stephile, well no, when you asked "Does they speak English?" it wasn't that obvious really what you meant, so I wanted to confirm. If you are lucky they may speak that much English, but I wouldn't count on it. Most Japanese people remember some vocabulary from school but have trouble forming sentences in English.
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. 2009/3/19 03:43
I see, then Thanks for the information :]
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Next? 2009/7/30 13:23
Sorry to bring back an old thread but my question is on topic.
Does anyone know when the next flea market is in Yoyogi my friends are giving me mixed dates, aswell as paperlantern and metropolis...
So Sept 14 seems to be the most promising date.

Thanks in advance
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