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Oedo Onsen Monogatari - and Tattoos 2009/3/16 16:12
Tokyo 23-ku
I've read some posts in the forum about tattoos and Onsens. It seems it depends on the Onsen.

I also read that the Oedo Onsen in Odaiba is particularly strict about this.

I have a medium sized tattoo on the my upper arm, about the diameter of a large grapefruit. I was thinking of covering it with a bandage.

The reason i'm going is to bring my dad to experience the baths. To be clear, i'm not intending to use the baths itself, but just to be in the common area where they sell the food. But i will have to change into the robes in the changing area, so i will be exposed for a brief amount of time.

Do you guys think this will work? I don't want to get kicked out after paying the entrance fee,
by Alfa159  

rights 2009/3/23 15:02
you exercised your right to get a tattoo. now accept their right to ask you not to attend their onsen.

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Recommendation 2009/3/23 17:13
I'd recommend you find another place to try. That place is pretty darn expensive for admission only, and if you're not even going to enjoy the bath, I don't see a reason why you should even visit and pay the 2000 yen or so admission rate.

Anyhow, back to the main point, I'd also advise against entering with a tattoo there. Sure, you may be able to slip in at first but why subject yourself to such conditions when you should be sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your time!
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... 2009/3/26 00:59
You may be okay, since in the main area, everyone wears yukata that covers the arms. You might even be able to get changed in a bathroom, although I recall that when I went there (on a Monday in summer, though), the shared changing area was not busy and nobody would have seen if I had a tattoo while changing.

So if you are willing not to go in the main baths themselves, you might be okay. As you say, you could put on a small bandage or a few band-aids if you're concerned. There is a nice outdoor footbath area, and the 'doctor fish', etc, where you can go while wearing yukata.

But it's really up to you.
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... 2009/3/26 01:04
Oh, just to add, my post was just about the practicality of 'not getting kicked out'. If you'd rather relax and stick to the rules, then as the others say, it might be better to go elsewhere. Having the tat would prevent your being able to experience half the park.

It's really a shame so many places have such a rule; quite a few of my friends have tats. :(
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Rafracia +Ralph-thanks for the comments 2009/3/26 13:00
Rafracia, Ralph, thanks for your great comments. I agree with Ralph that 2000yen is a lot to pay for an onsen, but my folks want to go to an onsen, but i'm not that keen. This way they get to soak, while i can snack away and kill some time.

Pete, thanks for your 'insightful' comments on tattoos, but i don't think u understood my question. If i ever get into a debate on rights i will be sure to get your views.

Please feel free to contribute any constructive comments if you have any. Much like Ralph and Rafracia did.
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