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Can 20-year old 10000yen notes be used? 2009/3/16 18:04
Hi there,

Hope someone can help me with this question, as I'm quite worried about it.

We recently obtained a number of 10000 yen bills from a family friend, who has it left over from his trip to Japan 20 years ago.

They look slightly different from the new 10000 yen note - it's missing the shiny metallic part at the bottom left corner of the bill.

Is the bill still in circulation? Will we encounter any problems in getting it accepted in stores/hotels? Also, another concern is the vending machines/ticketing machines - will they accept old notes?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify this.
by rayeraye (guest)  

Old bank notes 2009/3/16 18:47

It's no longer in general circulation, but all Japanese currency remains legal tender, however old it is. You won't be able to use the notes in vending or ticket machines, and while shops are supposed to accept them, you might find some smaller places that refuse them.
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What about in Tokyo or Fuji-Hakone? 2009/3/16 19:53
Thanks a lot Dave.

Do you think we'll encounter any problems in Tokyo and Fuji-Hakone area? We're going to the major touristy spots, nothing off the beaten track.

Also, does anyone know if there's a money changer in Narita Airport where we can get the old notes changed to new notes so we won't have problems with ticketing machines?

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no, no, no 2009/3/16 21:24
No, they're not good. But I'll tell you what to do. Give them all to me, and I'll give you 20,000 yen in modern notes. I want them for my, uhm, old currency collection. Yeah, that's it-they'll be good for my old currency collection.

Actually, you should go to a bank and exchange them when you get here--Citibank has English speakers so maybe you can try there 1st, but any bank should do, I think.
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Narita Airport info 2009/3/17 10:23
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