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3 quick questions regarding shopping 2009/3/17 03:27
I am planning on doing shopping for my fiancee and family, most of which have asked for clothes, is it considered odd for a foriegn male to be looking through womens clothing? I won't mind the looks I'll probably draw, I guess I'm more worried about it somehow being inappropriate.

I also don't want to be rude by carring bags on the subway so do any of the departo offer shipping back to the hotel?

I know some countries, such as France, have shops that if you walk in you must buy something. I haven't read about any of those in Japan so I thought I would still ask to be sure.

Thank you again for all the help!
by mephesta  

Q's 2009/3/17 14:21
1. Foreigners are almost expected to do "interesting" things, so don't worry about that. If it's clothes for women, how will you be certain you will be buying the correct size?

2. Just carry the bags.

3. You don't have to buy anything.
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stores 2009/3/17 15:11
I was born/ raised in France and never heard of a shop where you MUST buy before going out!! you are not supposed to touch most goods, from food to clothes (you can read a book or a magazine for a short while) , but you can certainly look around and walk out if you don't see something that you like.
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