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Anime and Manga 2009/3/17 03:42
Tokyo 23-ku

I'm going to Tokyo in a few days [10 days], and I just love Anime and Manga, so is there some good places were i can get plushies or goodies? [Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Bakuman, etc, etc]

Appreciate the help provided!
(◕‿‿◕; )
by Stephiie  

Akihabara! 2009/3/17 12:58
Just wander around Akihabara and you will find more than you could ever need.
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The Big Three 2009/3/17 16:04
Akihabara - the otaku center of town and hub of moe culture. Focus is on retail animation and comic goods, plastic models, figures, train sets, video games (used and now), PC games, and doujinshi/pornography for men. There are the most maid cafes in this area.

Ikebukuro's Otome Road (behind the Sunshine building) - the female answer to Akihabara. Focus is on used anime/manga goods, drama cds, and doujinshi/cosplay items geared toward women. There are a few butler cafes in this area.

Nakano (next stop from Shinjuku on the westbound Chuo-line) - A smaller-scale bargain-basement style shopping area with a heavy focus on used and collector's items. Used comics, manga, cosplay items, goods, figures, cds and games are sold throughout the Nakano Broadway complex.

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:D 2009/3/19 01:19

Thanks a lot for the information! Appreciate it!
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