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Yamanote Sounds - CD 2009/3/18 05:27
Tokyo 23-ku

does anybody know this CD?


Are those the "real" tunes as you can hear them on the platforms or are the re-arranged?
by Lisa (guest)  

CD 2009/3/18 08:56

I'm not sure that that CD actually includes the station melodies. It primarily seems to be a collection of recorded onboard and platform announcements.
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CD 2009/3/18 11:21
I think this is the CD you are looking for if you want the station melodies.

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Thanks 2009/3/20 18:54
Ah thanks! I guess the other CD is the one I want to have. Is there a store where I can buy them in Japan? I never saw them at normal CD places. For what stores do I have to watch out....?
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... 2009/3/20 23:09
One ekiben shop inside Ueno Station has the CDs and a few other train related goods on sale.

I guess they are also available at other shops where JR East related goods are on sale. Possibly the biggest of them is in the Railway Museum in Omiya.
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Never saw them yet 2009/3/21 16:19
Never saw those ekiben shops for JR goods yet, but I will look out for them! Ueno is a good adress because I will often pass the station =).
Thanks =)
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Also want this CD 2009/6/12 20:23
I really want the cd with the melodies but I'm not in Japan at the moment and I don't know enough japanese to order it from Amazon. Anyone who can help?
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Amazon Japan 2009/6/13 07:05
Johan, there is a link on the right side of the Amazon page (linked in the message above) for translating to English.
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