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Ninja weaponry - which one is this? 2009/3/18 10:54
I was watching Lupin III, and I noticed that one of the characters who has some experience in ninjitsu threw something that didn't really resemble a tanto or a kunai. I managed to get a couple of screencaps - unfortunately, they're not very clear. It looks like a sort of dart - but, does anyone know the name of it?



Thanks so much.

On the subject of darts, what were fukiya darts made out of? Bamboo, metal, or both? Also, where would they be kept before use? In some sort of pouch?

Thanks kindly for the information.
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Bo-shuriken 2009/3/18 23:20
I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it's a bo-shuriken.@
Needle-like throwing weapon.

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hrms 2009/3/19 02:50
i belive that is a throwing chop stick
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