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Sunroute Plaza Or Washington Hotel? 2009/3/19 06:56
hi ppl
im spending 11 days in shinjuku with my friend but im still confused in wich hotel i should stay in Sunroute Plaza OR Washington Hotel ?
by Droogie  

Hotel choice 2009/3/19 13:34

The Washington Hotel is quite a walk (10 mins) from Shinjuku Station, so if you are staying there for such a long period, it could get tedious having to walk to and from the station every day. Having said that, the walk is entirely underground, so there's no problem when it's raining, and it is easier than walking at street level with suitcases in tow.
No idea how pricing compares between the two, but as the Sunroute Plaza is very new, I imagine the rooms are nicer than the Washington, which is generally unremarkable and not overly spacious.
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sunroute plaza 2009/3/19 18:41
i:m on vacation here now and staying at sunroute shinjuku. the staff is very friendly and the hotel is close to just about everything. most places to visit according to this site has directions from shinjuku station, so that makes everything so easy. plus you wont need to bring a laptop because the hotel provides free access to there computers in the guest lounge! i don:t know about the washington cause i haven:t been there. so i can only vouch for sunroute. butlike i said... it very convenient here. the rooms are a bit small... but really you only need it for sleeping and holding your stuff right? right.
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sunroute 2009/3/20 00:00
thx dave most probally ill stay in sunroute plaza a
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sunroute 2009/3/20 00:57
I stayed in the Sunroute plaza in January and thought it was a good hotel - room was small but that wasn't surprising - but nice and clean and tidy, and the staff were helpful when I needed assistance. I plan to stay there again this year

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close? 2009/3/20 05:06
close to shinjuku JR? (sunroute)
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.... 2009/3/20 09:45
Sunroute is okay, but for about the same price, you will be better of staying at Shinjuku Prince Hotel - 2 minutes walk from the station, and a lot more shops right outside. (sunroute only has an AmPm close by.)
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. 2009/3/20 13:27
Honestly just go with whichever gives you the better rate. The walk isn't too bad at all, and its entirely possible to walk to other parts of Shinjuku from all the hotels including the Washington.

Here's a quick map of reference I made:
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Enough space for 2 adults & a child? 2009/4/2 11:06
I am considering both hotels. I amd travelling with my husband and a child. My child will need a bed on his own. Does both these hotels have rooms for 3 beds? Or can I request for an extra bed? Thanks!
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Where to stay 2009/4/2 12:05
I have been following the prices of the hotels and the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku is the cheapest I have seen for 4 months. For my dates in May Agoda.com
has a rate of 65.00 for 2. Clearly the room is small but by all accounts it is a good place to stay.
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Where to stay 2009/4/2 12:09
I should have mentioned the price of $65.00 per night does not include about $10.00 in tax.
The rates of this hotelare varying from $65.00 to $180.00 at different sites. The $65.00 rate is$50.00 per night cheaper than the reservation I have with Priceline for the same dates.
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Additional Bed 2009/4/2 12:12
Yes, price for Sunroute is attractive, that's why I'm really keen. But my child needs a bed and I don't know if the hotel will provide additional bed or not.
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room for 3 2009/4/2 12:52
checking the Sunroute for my dtes in May there is a room that will accomodate 3. It looks like the rate is $109.52 plus about $10.00 tax. I am not sure if that price includes the 3 person.
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thanks! 2009/4/2 15:27
thanks! i'll call and ask about their room size.
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