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Second-hand stores? 2009/3/19 10:06
I have heard of a second-hand store or company that comes over to your home, takes away the stuff you want to sell, and gives you cash on the spot. Has anyone heard of that? Does anyone in Saitama know where I can get in touch with them in Saitama? Does anyone know the number or website?
by Hal Jordan (guest)  

recycle store 2009/3/19 18:37
We call it "risaikuru sutoa (recycle store)." There are dozens in every town.

What do you want to sell? If it's furniture, walk around and you might spot a store selling lots of used furniture. What part of Saitama do you live in, anyway?
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Kumagaya 2009/3/19 20:04
I live in Kumagaya right now. Does anyone know of a resaikuru stoa in or near Kumagaya that will come over and take your stuff?
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