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Children Souvenier Suggestions 2009/3/23 03:29
I'm a teacher and will be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto next week. What are some good cheap souveniers to bring back to my students. I have 50 students so I need something really affordable. Suggestions?
by J. Johnson (guest)  

. 2009/3/24 03:55
What grade(s) do you teach?
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snacks 2009/3/24 17:57
buy some boxes of snacks for the kids. u can never go wrong with snack treats.
there's a common snack called pretz (stick snacks) that have region-specific versions for tokyo that you can see here
it's in japanese but hope you know the kanji for tokyo.

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stickers 2009/3/24 22:24
Go to a LOFT or KIDDY LAND (both common shops in malls and large department stores) or to another novelty book or stationary shop and you will find racks of cute Japanese-themed stickers.

My own students will do just about anything for stickers from America... I imagine the same works in reverse.
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Grades I teach 2009/3/25 15:42
I teach 1st -3rd grades. BAsically 7-9 year old kids.
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another teacher 2009/3/25 18:08
It's easy & fun to go to any 100 yen shop - you will find heaps of stuff there to amuse & delight your students - Hello Kitty products, stationery items, toys etc.....go for it ( but please don't go to the same one as I'm going to!)
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. 2009/3/25 21:52
It might depend on what country you are from, but as mentioned, 100 yen shops sell a variety of fun stickers you rarely see outside Japan. If you're looking for something traditional, Nakamise vendor's path in the temple of Sensoji in Tokyo might have some tiny goodies.
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. 2009/3/25 23:25
One of the things that are getting popular among that age group is Japanese little erasers. Sure you can find them in the States, but they cost less in Japan.
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scented erasers 2009/3/26 12:24
Speaking of erasers, I've noticed that other countries have less "scented erasers" that little schoolchildren always love.

I think stationary differs greatly depending on the country, and often Japanese friends request stationary souveniors from overseas, and vice versa. It might be also fun to bring home an example of a children's notebook for vertical writing. Ask for "kokugo no nouto" (notebook for Japanese class) for 7 year olds.
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