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buying kamakura souvenir statue online 2009/3/24 06:52
I am leaving Japan and just two days left.I have so many things to do now and could not go KAMAKURA but I eagerly want to buy kamakura buddha souvenir statue.Is there anyone know online buying website or the shop phone number? I will ask then and they can send it by post.
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Kamakura Daibutsu / Amida Buddha 2009/3/25 22:36
You can do a search for 鎌倉大仏 (Kamakura Daibtsu) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%8Dtoku-in
or 阿弥陀如来 ((Amida Buddha) あみだにょらい Amida Nyorai)
at any of the shopping sites:
or numerous others.
Google can help you with some rough translations:

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DaibUtsu, not Daibtsu 2009/3/26 12:55
Oops. I wrote:
鎌倉大仏 (Kamakura Daibtsu)
I meant:
鎌倉大仏 (Kamakura Daibutsu)

"Daibutsu" equals "big Buddha" in Japanese.

Also, "Amida Buddha" is the kind of Buddha, or the artistic rendition of the Buddha, that is in Kamakura. There are other examples of the Amida Buddha, I guess. They share similar features, facial and posture, but they're not all the Kamakura Daibutsu.
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