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Japanese Supplements/Medicines 2009/3/24 07:06
My friend went back to Japan today and had too many things to take back, and left me with her huge assortment of various preventitive sickness supplements. I don't care much for these things, but she told me they were not strong, and I am not one to through away and am interested in using them. I was wondering if someone could give me some more information. I have two piles:

JPS J-01: This is a mix.
EKT-25: These are tablets in threes.
by Phil (guest)  

... 2009/3/24 19:18
If I'm reading it right, "JPS J-01" is Kakkontou - is it granulated medicine? If so, it's originally Chinese herbal medicine having the effect of mitigating the early inflammatory symptoms of common cold, such as feverishness or stiff muscles.


"EKT-25" is probably another Chinese medicine good for, um, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, any way, that kind of female symptoms.


The reason why you don't find them "strong" is because (particularly the second one) is more for long-term mitigation, rather than quickly helping with the symptoms.
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Ugh 2009/3/25 01:38
Well, I haven't used either yet, but I certainly do not need the menstrual pain one. Are they made up of more vitamins and minerals, or is it specific to women? It may be harmful for a man to use them.

I just am not big on tossing things out.
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