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Baseball at the Tokyo Dome 2009/3/26 02:48
Tokyo 23-ku
I was planning on watching the Giants play at the Tokyo Dome on April 11, but find little information on how to buy tickets! Is there any other way to purchase tickets than actually going to the dome? I live in Canada, was curious if there is a way to purchase them online anywhere?

by Morgan (guest)  

Re: Baseball 2009/3/27 03:31

As no one more qualified has answered the question, let me throw out one suggestion:


However, please note this is early in the season and it is Giants vs. the Hanshin Tigers. Therefore, tickets may be hard to come by.



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Baseball 2009/3/27 03:35
I think someone asked the same question a few weeks ago.
You can try-http://www.japanball.com/tickets.htm
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Lawson stores have them 2009/5/1 05:58
You can buy them at Lawson stores. I bought some there last year, but this year I just went to the box office the day of.
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