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Scalped tickets legal in Japan? 2009/3/26 02:49
I've been to Japan before, and I remember being startled by how open the scalpers were lining the street going up to the venue, and the girls going up to them. At that time, I had the tickets for the show legitimately, so I didn't think about it. Now, I'm about to go back to Japan for the spring, and there's a concert I want to get to that's sold out already. I've already found like, four tickets to the show on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but I was hesitating about buying them. Is buying or selling scalped tickets just not illegal in Japan? I'm used to here where I've seen people get penalized for it, so I don't wanna break any rules.

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yes 2009/3/26 12:38
Of course they're illegal. And btw, I've seen scalpers selling tickets openly in L.A. I'm sure they're very good at spotting policemen.

You are free to buy them, and although the sellers get punished, I don't think that indivisual buyers get punished. But keep in mind that profits go to the yakuza gangsters, and will eventually be utilized for illegal acts such as narcotics. Out of my 35 years of attending concerts, I've spoken to a scalper once, just to see what they really have (and they did have great tickets, and were friendly and helpful), but I've never bought from them.

But it is not illegal to buy a ticket at face value. For example, if something came up and a ticket holder can't go to the concert, it's quite normal for the holder to sell it at face value, and the buyer might give some sweets just to show some extra appreciation. If the Yahoo ticket is face value, then that's something to think about.
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.. 2009/3/26 16:47
Just like in the US, in Japan, laws very depending on each jurisdiction.

Here's a write up:
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. 2009/3/26 17:09
Well, the Wiki link doesn't really say it's legal depending on the jurisdiction, nor does it say it's tolerated depending on the jurisdiction. But again, it does say that internet auctions usually aren't considered as scalping unless the amount of tickets or the amount of price is too large.
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. 2009/3/27 04:11
Nor did I say it was. I'm pointing out that the laws very from place to place. One place might define it one way while another place might have a slightly different definition of what it might be.
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Right 2009/3/27 13:43

Of course. I didn't mean to disagree. I was just trying to clarify.
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