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Inexpensive face wash, skin care stuff 2009/3/26 07:11

So I didn't pack some of my my favorite skin care products (a Clearsil acne wash, Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner).

What are the Japanese equivalents for these kind of inexpensive products? Do they go by different names (like tonic for toner, etc.)? What should I look for and where should I buy them?

Thank you to anyone who can answer this!
by violomana (guest)  

same here 2009/3/26 10:47
The Japanese equivalent of Clearasil is....Clearasil. You may also find that Neutrogena product as well, I have an idea I've seen it around. The products are usually labelled in English somewhere on the packaging as well as Japanese.
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But where? 2009/3/26 16:45
Problem is: where do I find them? I've seen Shiseido shampoos and Dove body washes, but no facial cleansers of any sort.
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Look again 2009/3/26 16:51
At almost any drugstore- of course they all have facial cleansers, and a large range! You need to look a bit harder, or ask one of the staff. Not all stores may carry Clearasil, but a good number do. I have very oily skin and its associated problems, so am always checking that kind of range.
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thanks~ 2009/3/26 16:56
Thanks for answering. I'll try exploring more. BTW, I have oily skin too. I just got here and had to go through a few days with absolutely nothing and I'm starting to break out like crazy. DX
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