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when is last call in Japan? 2009/3/26 11:02
Hi, travelling to Japan in a few weeks and was curious to know when is last call?

Does it vary by city? If so, this question will apply to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

Thanks in advance!

by Brian (guest)  

Last call 2009/3/27 01:55
I presume you are British by the use of that terminology.I very much doubt that you are going to hear "time gentlemen please" in Japan. The pub (bar) scene is totally different.
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. 2009/3/27 02:20
When everyone quits buying and drinking.
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. 2009/3/27 02:34
Depends on the restaurant/bar/pub. "Last order" is said, or at least the three different unrelated Japanese establishments I've been to.
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? 2009/3/27 07:16
canadian actually - i thought its a pretty common phrase in north america predominately?

anyways, so theres no consensus - alcohol is no longer served after 2:00 am etc?

just curious...thx!
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Depends 2009/3/27 08:41
ExpressTrain is right- it depends on the establishment and when it closes. There is no official time limit that I'm aware of- I have been in bars until 5am (when I was a bit younger!) and alcohol was sold continuously.
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closing time? 2009/3/27 13:42
If you're asking when is the closing time for places to eat and drink, a lot of resturants close at 8:00pm. Establishments registered as dance clubs must close by midnight. Those registered as bars can open until later, and many allow people to dance. Late night bars either close when the owner wants to go home or around 5:00am when the first trains start running. In the cities, convenience stores and big chain restaurants like Denny's are often open 24/7.

About 30 minutes prior to closing time, the waiter comes around asking for your "last order." But locals usually try to leave before their last train.
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