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buying Polaroid instant film in Tokyo 2009/3/26 13:44
Tokyo 23-ku
is Polaroid film hard to come by these days in Tokyo?

Film has become overpriced and scarce in the States ever since Polaroid decided to discontinue instant cameras. Just wondering if it's worth bringing my camera when I fly there next week. Thanks!
by kidbpp  

photos 2009/3/28 15:26
Even if polaroid was free I would still continue to use my digital camera. You can see how the photo will look like right away and it is so easy to save in various types of memory devices, to e-mail etc. the main advantage is that now that big memory cards are so cheap you can take thousands of photos without worrying about the cost.
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polaroids 2009/3/28 15:45
right. well, I'm bringing my digital camera, too. I've just always enjoyed taking Polaroids in addition to taking digital photos because of how tangible they are.

It's sort of like listening to vinyl records. Sure mp3s are great because they can be played on just about anything anywhere, but the experience of listening to mp3s isn't as hands-on or fulfilling as having a physical copy that you can play on a record player.
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Re: buying Polaroid instant film 2009/3/28 16:21
kidbpp, I understand your reasoning, but then I also still have a record player and hold onto my vinyl records. :-) With the Polaroid factory closed, it must be difficult to get hold of film. I believe that there were several similar Japanese systems for sale in Japan and it sounds likely that Polaroid never was that popular in Japan. Your best bet would be the secondhand photo shops in Shinjuku which can be found not too far from the station.
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fuji 2009/4/20 08:22
fuji makes an instant develop film. polaroid is pretty much long gone but fuji's film is as good as you're going to be able to get. i did hear something about fuji possibly picking up the polaroid film and manufacturing it in the future.
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... 2009/4/20 09:32
Unfortunately (as you've probably already guessed), polariod film is extremely difficult to find since it is no longer being produced. Fujifilm does make some compatible film but it depends on what format your camera uses. As far as I can find, the popular 600 format does not have a fujifilm equivalent. You may have better luck with other formats, though I would suggest stocking up before you arrive.

This page lists fujifilm compatibilities:

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